Creative video content that really connects with a target audience is what truly drives me to create great work. I believe the only way to thrive as a creative professional in any competitive industry is to find a niche that you enjoy, constantly evaluate your own work and don’t be afraid to call out criticism in any form of work. 

Recently graduating with a 1st class honors at the University of the Arts London I have experience in a range of invaluable creative skills which can be applied to a variety of industries. From specialised roles in the filmmaking industry such as drone operation, cinematography, editing, lighting etc to online content marketing in which I thrive to deliver consistent results from content targeted towards a specific audience. This is not to say I have reached a level of satisfaction with my work, I believe it is important to maintain a continuous drive for improvement.

Moving onward I continue my work as a freelance videographer for various clients globally while also exploring other cutting-edge mediums of storytelling and selling products such as virtual reality.


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